Maintaining a healthy vagina for every woman

The vagina can be termed as the cookie that should be taken care of properly. Being a unique organ, it cleanses itself. It is a sensitive area and needs proper care. Some of the women nowadays are trying various things to keep their vagina smelling good and make it tight. However, some of the things done end up being harmful and even develop into serious diseases. For one to be free from diseases such as yeast infections and other vaginal infections they ought to use the following tips for maintaining a healthy vagina for every woman.

Maintaining a healthy vagina for every woman

Do not douche your vagina

dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgrwerwerWell, some people may imagine this as very gross. However, this is a good way of keeping the vagina healthy. The vagina cleanses itself hence manages to stay clean even without being washed. Some people think vaginal douches are a healthy way to keep the vagina clean. When one washes the vagina with soap, they may end up altering the pH balance. This may enhance the growth of harmful bacteria which may cause one to get infections such as yeast infection.

Good menstrual hygiene

Menstrual periods are part of being a woman. One should ensure that they observe proper hygiene during this special time. This involves changing the sanitary pad after eight hours on the maximum size. This will help one stop the development of toxic shock syndrome. This syndrome does not only harm the vagina but the whole body in general.

Safe sex

The importance of safe sex cannot be stressed enough. This is especially for the women who have many sexual partners. Safe sex is necessary to help one avoid many sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, syphilis and even gonorrhea among others. Some of the sexually transmitted infections may end up affecting the whole reproductive system if left untreated. This may lead to infertility problems in future.

Avoid scented products

These products include the pads, panty-liners, and even tampons. Some even buy vaginal tightening or virginity soaps. The scents are normally from different chemical components. These chemicals used may irritate the vagina and cause vaginal itching. Most of them also alter the pH of the vagina which contributes to the itchiness.


dfgdgdfgdfgdfgdfgThis is not the overall exercises done for the body. These exercises are those meant for the vagina specifically. The vagina is made up of muscles which ought to be exercised for them to strong. The common exercises are the Kegel exercises. The muscles of the vagina are contracted and relaxed making them stronger. This contributes to one having a tight vagina especially those who have delivered naturally. One can also start doing yoga. Some of the yoga poses are helpful in increasing the blood flow to the vaginal muscles which contributes to having a healthy vagina.

Remember prevention is better than cure. One should also include foods rich in probiotics which enhance a healthy vagina. Such foods include those with live cultures like yogurt. If one notices any changes in the smell and color of the vaginal discharge, it is necessary to seek medical advice.