How to Enhance Men’s Libido

Research has shown in most cases that most men are panting sexual animals who we know what they want and when they want: they want it right now. But that is not the case in reality.

Many, many men about one in five want nothing like sex. They would instead be doing anything else just not sex. Such men have a low sexual desire which is normal.

Psychological Issues

man and lady in loveMany problems can cause low sexual desire. Like stress, anxiety or strain of the daily life, relationships or family problems, depression and mental disorders can be a huge reason as to why some men have low sexual desire. Men facing such challenges tend to just want to sleep or work more to avoid the act as they find it stressful.

In such a case, if the problem is psychological, sex therapy can offer men new techniques or strategies that will help them much and also bring back their enjoyment of sex. It’s not psychotherapy but psychology counseling focused on sexual issues: sex therapy.

Hormonal Causes

The testosterone is the hormone for sexual desire for both men and women. Low testosterone means low sexual desire in men and women too.

In this case men can take testosterone supplements if they have measurably low levels. Some go for weekly shots but most opt for skin patches or gel formulations applied on the chest, shoulders or on the abdomen.

Low Dopamine Levels

Study has shown that sexual desire is part of brain, and the brains chemical messaging system is linked to sexual desire. One of the messengers is dopamine. Low level of dopamine in the brain system can be caused by certain diseases hence decreasing sexual desire in men.

Panting Animal

couple making loveThis can be a considerable barrier for men as the disease could become worse and do more damage than decrease sexual desire. They can be prescribed for dopamine-increasing drugs so as to increase or enhance their libido. Though the medication or the prescription has not been approved by the FDA because it might have some risks.

The enhancing of men’s libido is not for them to become panting sexual animals but for them to regain an essential part of their lives. Also, it helps them recover the secret intimacy of their relationship with their partner and also to keep living a healthier life as it helps bring him closer with his companion. This makes them have a happier life and enjoyable partnership.